Meet Our Members: Tairob, LTD

Tairob, LTD
Location: Haifa, Israel
NCA Member Since: September, 2015

“People want their coffee quick and simple, so quality and sweeteners often take a back seat.”

What does Tairob do?

Tairob invented the “Micro-Foam Milk Maker” for sweet cappuccino/latte or chocolate without sugar or other (natural or artificial) sweeteners.

The company’s R&D fields are innovative robotic technology and computerized electromechanical machines. Tairob aims to establish a new standard methodology for making micro-foam milk for coffee bars and domestic users.

What sets your organization apart?

We’re setting a new standard in the coffee-bar industry and at home through consistent performance and precision automation.

The MFMM will prepare uniform dense sweet micro-foam milk (from natural cow, goat or soy milk) for the coffee-bar industry and for home users – for any coffee preparation method.

Because to its micro-foaming capability, the MFMM will reduce sweetener consumption in any coffee or espresso beverage, such as chocolate or new soy drinks. The MFMM will also help dispel the erroneous notion that automation produces poor results based on the existing capsules coffee machines.

What’s the next big thing in coffee?

Automation will finally make its way into coffee bar and home coffee machines.

What’s the most important issue facing the coffee industry?

We can distinguish two issues:

Home capsules coffee machines: Consumers’ desire for fast and simple coffee preparation introduced the one-knob-operation capsules (for espresso and milk powder) coffee machines, which conquered the home coffee machine market worldwide.

People want their coffee quick and simple, so quality and sweeteners often take a back seat.

Coffee bars: Customers raise some concerns about coffee bars’ professional performance and quality of service.

Today’s coffee lovers want choices and a better experience.

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