What is Sustainability Success?

Coffee cherry

Inside a developing coffee cherry

Sustainability in coffee is critical – but the definition of true sustainability is still complicated.

At the beginning of the NCA Coffee Summit 2015 in Austin, Texas, moderator Laura Freebairn-Smith asked the attendees to collaborate in small groups to discuss the question:

How would you know sustainability efforts were successful?

Here are some of their answers: 

“The next generation wants to produce coffee”

“Everybody is profitable across the supply chain”

“Pre-competitive collaboration and collaboration”

“A shared definition of sustainability and a positive measurable outcome”

“Supply meets demand, and natural resources are conserved”

“Strong coffee communities that attract the next generation or producers”

“When sustainability is no longer a silo within a company, when it’s part of company DNA”

“Consumer awareness and appreciation”

“Zero wasting of resources, with positive impact on the environment”

“That the whole chain is smiling”

“High consumer demand for sustainable products”


How do you define sustainability success?


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