5 Lessons to Live By

Decorated U.S. Navy SEAL Lieutenant Jason Redman was critically wounded in 2007 while leading a mission in Iraq. His team was ambushed and he was struck by machine-gun fire at point-blank range.

During the intense recovery that followed, Redman became a symbol for wounded warriors everywhere. In 2013, he released his book, “The Trident: The Forging and Reforging of a Navy SEAL Leader.”

“When I learned the theme of this year’s National Coffee Association Annual Convention was ‘Leadership in a Changing World,’ I immediately thought of Jason,” says John Boyle, president & CEO, Massimo Zanetti Beverage, USA. “Jason is an inspiration to us – not only because of the selfless sacrifices he made on behalf of this country, but because of his unwavering courage and strength when all odds were against him. Jason never gave up. And his family, who stood by his side and supported him, never gave up.”

“The lesson for all of us is that anything is possible as long as we have a genuine commitment, coupled with the drive and passion, to achieve our goals,” Boyle says. “Successful leaders such as Jason, who exemplify such strength, character, and honor, move others and bring out the best in them so they also can do great things.”

Redman will share his experiences at the 2016 NCA Annual Convention in San Diego, CA, March 19. His keynote presentation is proudly sponsored by Massimo Zanetti Beverage USA.

Here, Redman explains the tenets he lives by today.

1. Overcome all

“In life, we are faced with adversity. It is up to you to decide if you are going to let it defeat you, or if you will defeat it. You are the one that controls your destiny.”

2. Live greatly

“Embrace the life you have. Be thankful that you’re still waking on the right side of the earth, that you’re surrounded by your friends and family, people who love you. And never pass up on an opportunity to do something great.”

3. Stay humble

“Pride has destroyed more men than all wars ever combined.”

4. Lead always

“You can’t pick and choose when you’re going to lead.”

5. Love deeply

“The relationships we have in life are everything that you will ever have. And in the end … the only thing you will have left is the relationships that you have forged and sustained.”


Learn more about Jason’s story at the 2016 NCA Annual Convention, or explore the NCA’s featured speaker lineup




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