Yes, Cars Can Run on Coffee


Is there anything coffee can’t do?

Not only does coffee wake you up, improve your memory, and even help you live longer – it can also fuel your car. 

In March 2010, a 1988 Volkswagon Scirocco traveled 209 miles powered only by coffee grounds, the longest journey by a coffee-powered car on record.

The “Car-puccino,” as it was nicknamed by Guinness, travels one mile for every 56 espressos, reaching speeds up to 60 miles per hour.


Going Express-o

In 2013, a British conservationist named Martin Bacon converted a Ford pickup truck into Coffee Car Mark 2. The coffee car hit a top speed of 65 m.p.h, breaking the world land speed record for a vehicle powered by gassification.

You can watch the record setting ride here:

Unlike humans, who get the energy boost from the caffeine in their coffee, the cars run on the coffee’s natural carbon content. Unfortunately, coffee cars won’t be grinding the pavement anytime soon: It costs 25 to 50 times more to run the vehicle on coffee versus gasoline, making it a very expensive coffee habit.  

Interested in building your own own coffee-burning car? Here’s the making-of video:


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Images: The Daily Mail


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