Overcome All: An Open Letter From Jason Redman

The 5 Principles of Elite Performers – and 6 Tenants to Live By

Editor’s note: Jason Redman, former Navy SEAL, author of “The Trident,” and founder of SOF Spoken, delivered the keynote presentation at the NCA 2016 Annual Convention in San Diego. He shared a story about his journey into Iraq and back – immediately putting any bad day at the office in perspective. (Pro tip: “If you’re not being shot at, it’s probably not so bad.”)


Due to overwhelming response from Convention attendees, we’re posting the following letter Redman wrote to Bill Murray, NCA CEO, following the event. 

Dear Bill and all the amazing members of the NCA:

I wanted thank all of you for your amazing hospitality and FANTASTIC reception I received at the NCA annual conference.

From every company and individual I met, I was treated like a member of the coffee family. Thank you all for allowing me to come in as a keynote speaker and share my story and message. I truly feel blessed to be able to spread my message of the five principles of elite performers.

Due to time restraints I was unable to cover my six tenets that I strive to follow in my personal life, so I have included a summary of both the five principles and six tenets for everyone’s review.

The Five Principles of Elite Performers

1. Teamwork – Understanding that success and the ability to overcome failure are built on the foundation of a strong team.

2. Leadership – Understanding that every person in the organization is a leader, and all should aspire to dynamic leadership.

“Do your people follow you because they have to or because they want to?”

3. Clearly Defined Mission/Goals/Tasks – Understanding no individual or organization can reach elite status without clearly defined goals and metrics to measure progress.

If you don’t know where you are going, you will never get there.”

4. Overcome Mindset – Develop an overcome mindset where no obstacle cannot be overcome.

5. Adapting to the Unexpected – Plan for the best but always prepare for the worst. When those catastrophic events occur, you will be mentally prepared and will never suffer permanent failure.


The Six Tenets of Jason Redman

  1. Overcome – There is nothing without the overcome mindset.
  2. Live Greatly – The only thing stopping you from overcoming failure and finding success is you.
  3. Love Deeply – Life is short, forge good relationships. They will be all you have left in the end.
  4. Stay Humble – Pride has destroyed more people and organizations than all wars combined.
  5. Lead Always – Be a true leader. True leaders lead at all times, in all situations, regardless of who may be watching.
  6. Live a life with No Regrets – Make the right decisions in life so in the end, you have no regrets.


Lastly, As John Boyle of Massimo Zanetti graciously talked about with my introduction, I am committed to supporting my fellow combat wounded warriors, through my non-profit the Combat Wounded Coalition. If you want to learn more about what we are doing and/or contribute to a worthy cause that ensures 83 cents of every dollar goes to the mission, check out the CWC website.

Thanks again for the hospitality and I hope to meet all of you again sometime in the future,

Be Well and Overcome All,

Jason “Jay” Redman
US Navy Retired
SOF Spoken
Combat Wounded Coalition

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