Top 5 Takeaways From #NCAcoffee16

By Spencer Turer, Coffee Analysts


Coffee professionals from around the world met in San Diego last month for the NCA 2016 Annual Convention. Here, one industry leader shares what he observed this year: 

1. The NCA is thriving!  The 2016 Annual Convention had the most diversified and dynamic group of attendees since I started attending 20 years ago. Each year we have increased participation of supply-chain partners: growers and traders, including the specialty coffee quality segment.  The event represented virtually all the coffee in the United States in all forms, in all markets, and at all quality levels.

2. New research is emerging. The NCA 2016 brings together members of the respected SAG (Scientific Advisory Group) to better explain why coffee contributes to a healthy lifestyle

3. The business of coffee is getting more dynamic and complicated.  The NCA helps the coffee industry understand the confusion of governmental regulations, including TFTEA, FSMA, TVPRA, and GMO labelling

4. We don’t always talk about coffee. The two keynote addresses, “The Political Scene According to Michael Steele” and “The Five Principles of Elite Performers” by Jason Redman, and the pre-conference Symposium,”How to Lead in a Changing World,” provided necessary and important tools for professional development away from the cupping table or exhibitor floor.

5. The NCA is open to everyone in the industry. While many may miss the golf outings and formal (black-tie) receptions, today’s NCA is welcoming, more dynamic, inclusive, and provides more opportunities to learn and grow professional than ever before.

Save the Date

The NCA 2017 Annual Convention will take place in Austin, TX, March 23-25.


Spencer Turer is vice president of Coffee Analysts in Burlington, Vermont. He has dedicated his career to creating coffee quality, and is recognized throughout the coffee industry as a passionate and enthusiastic specialty coffee professional. He is a pioneer for roaster certification and an advocate for coffee industry education. Spencer can be reached at

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