What Makes The Coffee Summit Special?

Featuring Bill Murray, President, NCA (@Bill_CoffeeAssn)

[Ed. note: The following is an edited transcript from the above video]

The NCA Coffee Summit is not the usual collection of talking heads. We designed this event specifically so you can get together with your peers, hear from experts, and work on the issues that you’re facing – coming away with concrete tools that you can use.

Here are 5 things that you can take away from attending the NCA Coffee Summit:

1. Networking

This is a unique opportunity to network with industry decision-makers and executives. And the event is small, about 150-200 people, so you get to know everyone personally. There aren’t a lot of events where you can do that.

2. Leadership

We have a special moderator and instructor: Laura Freebairn-Smith, Organizational Performance Group. She’ll be talking about the attributes of leaders and leadership approaches. You’ll come away with some ideas to either manage the people who work for you, or to become a better leader so you can progress at the company you’re working at.

3. Legislation Updates

Keep up-to-date on breaking legislation. There are some new laws affecting food safety and how labor must be treated at origin. These are very important regulations that will be implemented in the months ahead. Hear from experts about what you need to do at your company to be prepared and to comply with the law.

4. New Ideas

Coffee is a thousand year old commodity, but we’re all looking for that next new idea – whether it’s a nitrogen infusion or a cold brew. You’ll hear from other people, you’ll talk to vendors, you’ll talk to allied organizations – and you’ll get ideas about where people are focused, and what’s ahead.

5. Growth Opportunities

Specifically, we’ll be talking about the Hispanic market in the U.S. This is a market with fantastic demographics: upwardly mobile, with a great tradition and appreciation for coffee.

What does this mean for your organization and the future? It could be your next growth opportunity.

I hope to see you there. I look forward to saying hello personally, and welcoming you to our community and our event.


The NCA Coffee Summit will be held Oct. 26-28, 2016, in Miami, FL.

Need manager approval to attend?
No problem! We have a template to help.

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