The Adventures Of Superfood

By Coffee Blenders


We now live in a time where being aware of our health and wellness is essential. Hashtags like #fitness, #fitlife, #fitspo, #motivation, #superfood, #eatclean, #healthydiet, and #healthychoice have easily hit the millions.

And diet is at the center of it all. Today, the philosophy of eat well and staying fit has trumped the idea of starving for skinniness. This has let to the rise of certain so-called “superfoods.”

Before you go off to Google “superfood” we did it for you:


Basically, “superfoods” are real foods that provide many of the things you need to repair and protect your body.

The idea of changing your diet can be scary. But the magic of today’s superfoods is that so many are already accessible – they range from everyday staples that are already in your regular meals, to that mysterious dark green bushel of kale in the organic grocery store.

Coffee is one superfood that’s likely already in your kitchen, or sitting on your office desk while you’re working.

Like tea, coffee is a powerhouse for antioxidants, which may help neutralize damaging free radicals from UV rays, pollution, and radiation. Free radicals have been shown to lead to rapid aging, cancer, and disease due to cell damage.

Caffeine is the second punch of coffee’s potential health benefits. It has shown signs of positive, preventative effects against age-related brain problems.

So by having your regular cup or two cups of coffee a day, you’re doing a lot of good for your body. But this is not encouragement you to load that coffee with all the flavorings and sprinkles and still be able to say, “It’s okay – this is healthy.”


Superfoods work best when they’re together, so adding healthy things to your coffee will sweeten it as well as maximize the nutrients’ impact. For example, cinnamon may help improve memory and increase mental focus.

It’s the consistency and habit of coffee consumption that gives it an edge on all other superfoods. As delicious as Brussels sprouts or broccoli may be, it might not be possible (or desireable) to snack on them at work or as your shopping.

A superfood doesn’t have to have all the super powers, just one or two with the intention of saving the world. And we’re not advising you to go binge eat all the superfoods you can find at the store – moderation still exists. Just focus on finding the foods you enjoy and that will help you the most.

We’re happy to tell you that coffee is definitely one of them.

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