Coffee Analysts

NCA Member Spotlight

“Coffee is a global product that is local in every stage of the farm-to-cup process.”


COMPANY: Coffee Analysts

LOCATION: Hinesburg, Vermont


TWITTER: @CoffeeAnalysts

FACEBOOK: Coffee Analysts

Questions answered by Spencer Turer, Vice President

What does Coffee Analysts do?

Our company is separated into two functional divisions, Coffee Analysts and Coffee Enterprises.

Coffee Analysts is an independent testing laboratory specializing in quality control, product development, coffee supply chain training and technical consulting for coffee, tea, cocoa and other related products. We do not sell coffee and tea: we test coffee and tea. Our team specializes in the evaluation and improvement of coffee and tea programs throughout the global supply chain from producers and traders, to roasters and private-label brands, including foodservice, retail and single-cup products.

Coffee Enterprises provided coffee business intelligence, legal consulting for spilled beverage lawsuits and is the North American distributor for FlavorActiv coffee sensory training and calibrating standards.

The best part of working in coffee is:

The best part of working in the coffee business is developing friendships – from producers and baristas and everyone in between. There is a global camaraderie in the coffee business that does not exist in any other industry. Having access to the world’s best coffee is also an amazing benefit!

What drives your passion for this industry?

My passion to coffee is based in my culinary education; exploring the complexity of taste and aroma and connecting the producer with the consumer. Coffee is a global product that is local in every stage of the farm-to-cup process.

The wonderful thing about coffee is that each person can prepare it differently and yet everyone will still be enjoy and appreciate it.

What’s your perfect cup of coffee?

My perfect cup of coffee is freshly prepared from farm-to-cup and is shared with family and friends.


Why did you join the NCA?

The NCA provides detailed business and scientific information regarding coffee.  The annual conference brings together all the major stakeholders in the U.S. and international coffee business; providing great opportunities to make connections.

Best advice you’ve ever received:

From Jerry Rogers who taught me how to cup coffee and how to buy coffee: let the coffee do the talking, approach all coffees with the same perspective, not positive or negative, remain neutral and judge the coffee on its merits.

What sets your organization apart?

Coffee Analysts does not sell coffee; we test coffee.

We are independent, unbiased, and not encumbered by any emotional or financial connections to the coffee we test. There are no business conflicts and we do not compete for business with our clients.

What’s the next big thing in coffee?

Attention to quality will always be the big thing in coffee. Innovation and creativity for coffee brewing will continue to drive our industry and connect us with the next generation of coffee consumers.


What’s the most important issue facing the coffee industry?

For us, the most important issue is coffee quality and supporting the profitability of all coffee companies from farm to cup.  For the industry as a whole, considering global warming, production costs, labor expenses, and the overall workload of farming, the critical issue is to continue to make coffee farming an attractive occupation for each generation.

What does sustainability mean to your organization?

We recently moved our business into a LEED Gold certified building utilizing renewable energy. Sustainability on our business means working smarter, managing our resources, and providing usable coffee to the local food bank.


Photos: Coffee Analysts

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