Solex Thermal Science

“Coffee is such a universal product and an important part of many people’s day – whether it helps you get out of bed in the morning or is shared with a close friend over good conversation.”


Meet Our Members

COMPANY: Solex Thermal Science

LOCATION: Head Office – Calgary, AB, Canada. Offices in Brazil and Europe.


LINKEDIN: Solex Thermal Science

What does Solex Thermal Science do?

Solex Thermal Science specializes in the heating, cooling and drying of free flowing bulk solids for a number of industries and applications across the globe. Using proprietary thermal modeling software and our patented indirect heat exchanger technology, we are able to achieve accurate and stable final product temperatures and bean moisture levels, resulting in a superior final product.

Our technology is rooted in sustainability, with up to 90% lower energy consumption than traditional methods. We have over 25 years of experience in the fertilizer, sugar and oilseeds industries. More recently, we have expanded into the coffee market!

What drives your passion for this industry?

We are driven by innovation. Whether it is an untested application, emerging field or innovative idea, we apply thermal science to challenging problems, both new and known. We are proud of our reputation of doing the unprecedented and we are always striving to push the boundaries of what is possible.

The best part of working in coffee is:

Coffee is such a universal product and an important part of many people’s day – whether it helps you get out of bed in the morning or is shared with a close friend over good conversation. We are involved in the process from the beginning, to ensure the most efficient operations in producing a high quality bean. We take pride in our involvement in making every cup of coffee, the best cup of coffee.

Why did you join the NCA?

To expand our knowledge about the coffee industry, building relationships with partners that have the same goals as us. We want to have an active voice in providing solutions and recommendations for industry challenges.


What sets your organization apart?

Our passion for delivering customized solutions for our customers. We are a partner in innovation, delivering solutions to our customer’s most challenging problems.

Our proprietary thermal expertise and modeling is what sets us apart. We are able to accurately predict the thermal proprieties of the coffee bean at every stage of the heat exchange, resulting in guaranteed thermal performance, output temperature, and moisture levels.

Our people are our greatest differentiator. We are a global company with dedicated and passionate employees working daily to provide solutions for our customers! As a private, employee-owned company, when you work with Solex, you work with an owner in the business.

What’s the next big thing in coffee?

Our goal is to be able to say: “The next big thing in coffee processing is more efficient and higher performance heat transfer equipment. Coffee plants globally are becoming more sustainable and environmentally responsible.”

What does sustainability mean to your organization?

At Solex, sustainability means providing solutions that protect the integrity of the product, industry and the environment, ensuring the impact we make is always positive. We work to provide solutions that advance industry processes, improve product quality and most importantly, protect the environment. Our technology has uses up to 90% less energy than traditional methods and is able to recovery and reuse waste heat and energy.

Creating sustainable solutions is a critical part of our business model and we continually strive to find new ways to positively impact our environment.


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