Announcing The Coffee Career Center

By Bill Murray, NCA


There’s never been a more exciting time to have a career in coffee.

From the barista who pulls the perfect shot, to the unheralded scientists working to preserve the genetic diversity of coffee, professionals all around the world have turned their passion for coffee into a livelihood. And yet, until now, there’s never been an easy way to find those career opportunities – or to find talent to match these opportunities.

This is why we are pleased to announce the launch of the first dedicated career center for coffee – anchored by a coffee job board. A venture of the National Coffee Association, U.S.A., the Coffee Career Center is intended to be your first career stop – whether you are hiring, or looking to get hired, in the fascinating and rewarding world of coffee.

Why a Coffee-Specific Job Board?

For employers, a posting on one of the large all-purpose job boards – the monstrosities – usually triggers an avalanche of resumes. The breadth of these sites, coupled with a “one touch” function for respondents, often buries hiring managers with responses, many of which don’t match the skills being sought.

For job seekers, searching the large boards returns a haystack of job postings, including positions in Coffee County Tennessee, Coffee County Alabama, and Coffee County Georgia – nice places, for sure, but not as coffee-centric as one might suspect.

This is why we created the Coffee Career Center. The core of the Coffee Career Center will be a job board, and we’ll be adding articles and resource links in the months ahead.

Free Postings During Launch

For the remainder of the year, members of the NCA, SCAA, The Green Coffee Association, and PCCA are invited to post standard jobs for free. There’s no catch, no fine print. Your post will remain active for 60 days, regardless of when it is posted. To post a job, simply visit the Coffee Career Center and complete the form.

2017 Postings

  • For regular posts, $100 for NCA/SCAA, Green Coffee Association, and PCCA members, $200 for non members.
  • For preferred postings, which will earn a spot at the top of the listings, $200 for NCA/SCAA, Green Coffee Association, and PCCA members, $400 for non members. SCAA and PCCA members should use the code INSERT for member pricing.
  • Bulk discounts are available for 10 posts or more. (Contact Terri Bartlett, NCA Director, Member Relations for packages and discounts, at
  • All posts will remain active for 60 days.


Authors Wanted!

If you’ve wanted to share your personal story – your journey through coffee – to illuminate a little-known corner of the world of coffee, to inspire others, or to provide career advice to future generations – let us know. We’d welcome a blog post – keep it to about 700 words – and we’d be happy to provide a platform, and share your story with today’s coffee professionals – and tomorrow’s aspiring professionals. See our guest post guidelines for more information.

End of Year Hiring?

In the meantime, bring us your job listings. We’ll get them up, publicize them to our community, and with your support start the “chicken and egg” process of jump-starting our new job board.

If you have any questions, please let us know – contact us at


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