Cold Brew Is Definitely a Thing, Dictionary Confirms

…. And apparently man buns are, too. 

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Cold brew continues to be one of the hottest trends in the coffee market: About 10% of daily coffee consumers reported drinking it past-day in 2017, via the latest National Coffee Drinking Trends report – up from only 1% in 2015.

And it’s not just for the coffee geeks and hipsters anymore: the popular beverage is now officially accepted into mainstream culture.

The compound word ‘cold brew’ — which can be used as a noun, adjective, or verb — received additional legitimacy earlier this week when added it to its list of 300 new words to its online database, reports Daily Coffee News.

“The latest roster additions are a potpourri of portmanteaus, hyphenations and slang terms you feel kind of embarrassed looking up, but do anyway because you are deeply uncool and language is moving into the future without you,” quipped CNN on the latest linguistic achievements of colloquial American English.

Additional highlights include: 

  • cat café
  • clicktivist
  • dab
  • dad bod
  • friendiversary
  • mic drop
  • man bun
  • sext
  • smackdown
  • slay
  • struggle bus
  • superfood


The noun “cold brew” is defined by as:

1) “the process of steeping coffee grounds or tea leaves in room-temperature or cold water for many hours, producing a concentrate to which more water may be added, or; 2) a cold coffee or tea drink made by this process. (However, the Daily Coffee News offers a slightly different definition of the term.)

Unfortunately, at press time there is no official list of formerly fleek slang that just literally cannot even anymore.

H/T: Daily Coffee News

Compiled by Kyra Auffermann, NCA resident Millennial 

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