NCA Member Spotlight: Bühler

“Coffee is part of an ongoing evolution that brings challenges, unleashing new ideas.”

COMPANY: Buhler, Inc.
LOCATION: Minneapolis, MNSnip20170517_3
FACEBOOK: /buhlergroup
LINKEDIN: Buhler Group

Answers attributed to Oskar Rutishauser, Sales Account Manager for Coffee in North America, Buhler Group.

What does Buhler do?

We provide turn-key coffee plant solutions for the entire spectrum of coffee processing, from green intake of coffee, to cleaning, to roasting, grinding and degasing. [We use] a variety of conveying solutions to integrate total process.

What drives your passion for this industry?

Coffee is a wonderful commodity that has a complex intertwine of people and processes; from the farmer to the finished cup of coffee. Coffee is part of an ongoing evolution that brings challenges, unleashing new ideas.

The best part of working in coffee is:

Unleashing an new endeavor in the coffee sector.

What’s your perfect cup of coffee?

Personal confidential. [Ed. note: We understand completely!]

Why did you join the NCA?

The NCA [is] looking out for the well-being of the coffee future, coffee people and coffee processes.

Best advice you’ve ever received:

Be passionate and humble.

What sets your organization apart?

[Our ability] to offer solutions from green to roasted ground coffee with waste reduction in mind.

What’s the next big thing in coffee?

Let’s wait and see what happens tomorrow.

What’s the most important issue facing the coffee industry?

Future sustainability.

What does sustainability mean to your organization?

Sustainability is as the ability of humanity to ensure that if satisfies the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


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