NCA Member Spotlight: Fig Leaf Coffee Company


COMPANY: Fig Leaf Coffee Company
LOCATION: Cleveland, OH
FACEBOOK: /FigLeafCoffeeCompany
INSTAGRAM: @figleafcoffeecompany

What does Fig Leaf Coffee do?

Specialty coffee roasting for retail and wholesale.

What drives your passion for this industry?

A lot of my passion for coffee comes from seeing the farmers grow and support their families through the sale of my roasted coffee. I also believe there is a lot of lower quality coffee in my region and I want people to enjoy what they are paying for to the fullest.

The best part of working in coffee is:

Seeing the customer take that first sip, close his or her eyes and have a “coffee experience.” Then tell me that the coffee is really good.

What’s your perfect cup of coffee?

My perfect cup of coffee is a pour-over style from Rwanda or Ethiopia. It’s so hard to choose with such amazing coffee coming from Eastern-Africa.


Why did you join the NCA?

The quality of the information released as well as the member benefits like the webinars.

Best advice you’ve ever received:

“Give it time.” I am always very focused on the immediate results or performance of the business however, with coffee roasting I need to understand that it takes time to build a brand, get that brand recognized with quality and then spread the word.

What sets your organization apart?

I have been an accountant and financial analyst for almost 20 years, and I did not fully enjoy that career choice. I have a passion for coffee unlike that of my other career paths. I believe quality coffee must be enjoyed by everyone who is willing to experience it.

What’s the most important issue facing the coffee industry?

Hands down, climate change. It can be seen clearly in Africa with crop size and quality. The farmers will need to focus on new ways to produce the same quality coffee with fewer natural resources (water).


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