NCA Member Spotlight: Atlas Coffee Club


COMPANY: Atlas Coffee Club
NCA MEMBER SINCE: September 2017
WEBSITE: Atlas Coffee Club & Atlas Coffee Blog
TWITTER: @AtlasCoffeeClub
FACEBOOK: Atlas Coffee Club
INSTAGRAM: @AtlasCoffeeClub

What does Atlas Coffee Club do?

We take a unique spin on the traditional coffee subscription by taking coffee lovers on a world tour of coffee, each month highlighting coffee and culture from a new country. Tanzania, Ethiopia, Burundi and beyond, we’ve designed our coffee club to transform a daily caffeine fix routine into a journey to far off countries.

What drives your passion for this industry?

Our love for coffee and a global community!

We’re excited to further the narrative of coffee and culture from around the world by advancing an appreciation for coffee, coffee farmers, sustainability, and the matchlessness of varying cultures. Our ideal coffee shop is an interconnected online ecosystem that turns local into global.

The best part of working in coffee is:

The community! And the coffee… all of the coffee.

What’s your perfect cup of coffee?

One that doesn’t end… 🙂

Why did you join the NCA?

To support and stay connected to the issues and measures most necessary for a healthy coffee future.

What sets your organization apart?
Our subscribers’ coffee journey. A membership with Atlas Coffee Club is an ever-evolving and exciting adventure. We aim to deliver an exceptional service and it starts with 3 things:

1. Tailored Customer Service & Experience:  Right as a subscriber signs up, they are assigned their very own Coffee Tour Guide. Their Coffee Tour Guide is their go-to for any questions, account changes, and or coffee brewing support – yesterday I was on the phone with a customer for 20 minutes talking about water quality, coffee grind sizes, and brewing methods.

We also tailor the experience to our subscribers from an operational standpoint matching their preferences to creating custom coffee brew guides that excites both wanderlust and brewing better at home. Beyond that we just launched a custom rewards program that enhances every part of our subscribers journey with us by assigning points for their coffee adventures!

2. Exceptional Coffee From Unique Countries: We work hard to offer the finest single origin coffee each country has to offer. We feel imbued with a sense of responsibility to share the best coffee we can find to represent each country accordingly. For a lot of our subscribers, they might only try coffee from Uganda once; we want it to be a great experience, an experience that ideally leads to a higher demand for coffee from Uganda.

3. Storytelling: With our subscription we go beyond the bean to uncover coffee history, country culture, and unique stories from each country. We strive to foster an experience that brews beyond consumption of beverage and builds more of a bond and appreciation.
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