NCA Member Spotlight: Java Momma


javamommatransblack-04COMPANY: Java Momma
LOCATION: Danville, PA
FACEBOOK: /javamommainc
INSTAGRAM: @javamommainc

What does Java Momma do?

Java Momma fosters a community based on an abundance mindset that there is enough coffee and sales for everyone. We help our consultants redefine what direct sales is known for through information, training opportunities, and relationship building.

The best part of working in coffee is:

It brings people together. Coffee is social, and we too are a social organization.

Why did you join the NCA?

We wanted to provide the best knowledge for our field, and to do that, we have to be involved in organizations that provide up to date info and trainings.


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Photo: Andrew Seaman, Unsplash

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