Establish, Manage and Grow Your Coffee Business on Amazon


By Hinge Consulting

Reality is starting to settle in for grocery manufactures as consumers are flocking to Amazon to purchase their groceries. According to the Food Marketing Institute, online grocery sales are predicted to reach $100 billion by 2025 — with Amazon making up a big chunk of that.

An innovative strategy and approach to the e-commerce juggernaut is imperative to success and, quite frankly, survival. However, many companies, both large and small, feel as though they do not have the necessary information to make decisions as it relates to Amazon. How big is the opportunity? What are consumers buying? What relationship should I have with Amazon: Vendor or Seller? Companies are turning a blind eye to Amazon as they do not have the basic insights needed to create a strategy while unauthorized third-party sellers are damaging the brand.

The National Coffee Association has partnered with Hinge to take a deep dive into the coffee category on Amazon in a new coffee-specific webinar.  Hinge is a full-service marketplace agency that offers a high-performance approach to overcome obscurity on Amazon. Our team has the information, strategy and expertise to bridge the gap between everything you’ve done historically to how your consumers want to do business with you today.

From a high level, there is plenty of opportunity for brands with the size of the category at $500-550 million – and growing rapidly. The coffee category on Amazon looks much different than in brick-and-mortar stores and it is important to understand the ever-changing landscape.

During the webinar, Hinge Founder and CEO Fred Killingsworth will cover:

  • High-level optimization options to win on Amazon
  • Coffee Category Size & Growth Rate
  • Segment Share
  • Brand & Product share
  • Consumer Behavior

We hope you leave this webinar with a better understanding of the coffee category landscape so that you can begin to establish, manage and grow your brand on the largest online marketplace in North America.

Register now for the NCA webinarfree for NCA members.

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