Fresh Brewed Data: New NCA Coffee Market Research Breakout Reports

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The National Coffee Association recently launched 8 new market research mini reports, based on new analysis of 2018 consumption trends data

By Karly Nevils, Dig Insights (

This July, it’s going to be a brew-tiful month!

The NCA has released eight new breakout market research reports based on the 2018 National Coffee Drinking Trends (NCDT) study data.

The reports look at the following topics:

National Coffee Drinking Trends Breakout research Reports

New NCA Market Research Reports

  • Coffee Brewing
  • Health and Coffee
  • Coffee Claims
  • Coffee at Work
  • Gourmet Coffee
  • Coffee Preparation In-Home
  • Coffee Preparation Out-of-Home
  • Tea – available free for a limited time only!

The reports offer a deeper understanding of the American coffee drinking culture, with additional in-depth analysis on subgroups including age, gender, region, ethnicity etc., beyond what’s covered in the top-level NCDT report.

Here’s a closer look at each of the topics:

NCA_Web_Med_research coffee brewing (1).png

Understanding Coffee Brewing Trends

The Coffee Brewing report delves into consumer usage and ownership of different brewing methods. Two new questions about ownership and purchase intent of different types of brewers at home were added to the 2018 NCDT survey to attain a broader perspective on brewers.

Readers of this report will learn about the cross-ownership of different brewer types, as well as the dominant consumer type who is interested in purchasing a coffee brewer in the next year. (Hint: think younger.)

NCA_Web_Med_research coffee health (1).png

The Connection Between Coffee & Health

The relationship between coffee and health continues to be a heavily debated topic. This report looks at the associations between coffee and health.

Learn why consumers perceive coffee is good (or bad!) for their health and explore the positive impact that health messages can have on frequency of coffee consumption.

Fun fact: although seen in broader food trends and widely embraced by consumers, the inclusion of positive ingredients such as ‘collagen,’ ‘cocoa flavanols,’ and ‘probiotics,’ have less impact on coffee purchase intent.

NCA_Web_Med_research coffee claims (1)

Understanding Coffee Claims

The focus of this report is on consumer attitudes towards coffee claims and their effect on buying behavior. Twelve new statements were added to the purchase drivers question in 2018 to understand how health claims influence likelihood to purchase.

Readers of this report will learn about how healthy ingredients can positively influence purchase intent, and who resonates with corporate and social responsibility claims the most.

It’s worth noting that one-fifth of Americans 18+ say they are much more likely to buy coffee that is ‘grown on farms that treat workers well’ and ‘grown in an environmentally sustainable way.’

NCA_Web_Med_research coffee at work (1)

Coffee at Work

What does coffee preparation in the workplace look like for most Americans?  While many are satisfied with the preparation options currently available at their workplaces, there is more to be “desired”!

This report is a deep dive into how preparation options differ according to workplace environments. The impact that work environment and demographics have on desired preparation options for the workplace is also thoroughly examined.

NCA_Web_Med_research gourmet coffee (1).png

Understanding Gourmet Coffee Trends

The gourmet coffee beverages (GCB) category remains strong in 2018:  more than half of past-day coffee drinkers report drinking gourmet coffee only!

This report goes well beyond the gourmet analysis in the 2018 NCDT publication report. It is an in-depth look at the consumption habits of gourmet coffee drinkers and their impact on the coffee industry.

NCA_Web_Med_research at home (2)

Coffee Preparation In-Home

Get ready to learn more about who is driving in-home coffee preparation, consumption behavior as it pertains to in-home, as well as major reasons for claimed increases and decreases in coffee preparation at home.

Readers will also learn about the main sources of coffee product purchases for in-home preparation, including how online purchases stack up to brick-and-mortar stores. In 2018, twice as many males than females buy their coffee for in-home preparation in coffee shops!

NCA_Web_Med_research coffee out of home (1).png

Coffee Preparation Out-of-Home

What does coffee preparation outside the home look like? An extension of Coffee Preparation In-Home, this report delves into types of coffee more commonly prepared out-of-home and popular preparation locations.

Additionally, readers will learn about who is currently dominating use of alternative ordering methods to get that must-have cup of joe. (Again, think younger.)

NCA_Web_Med_research tea (1).png

Understanding Tea Consumption 

(Available free for a limited time, as a special introductory offer!)

This report steps away from coffee and redirects the spotlight to American tea culture.

Get an is an in-depth analysis of tea drinkers and their consumption habits, as well as tea trends that have the potential to flow into 2019, such as regular tea and green tea being the two main tea types driving past-day consumption.

The reports listed above are available for purchase individually or as a discounted package. Get more information or purchase of the NCA Market Research Series Breakout Reports, please contact Matt Cariani ( at the National Coffee Association. 

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