ICO International Coffee Day Highlights Women in Coffee


Demonstrate Your Commitment to Supporting #WomenInCoffee with the IWCA

By Melissa Pugash & Margaret Swallow, Co-Founders, International Women’s Coffee Alliance

Monday, October 1, 2018 is the International Coffee Organization’s 4th Annual International Coffee Day.

Hosted by the ICO,  “International Coffee Day is a global celebration of coffee’s long journey from the farm to your local shop — an opportunity to honor the women and men who grow and harvest the coffee we love.”

The seventy-seven member states of the ICO selected “Women in Coffee” as the theme for this year’s International Coffee Day.

“The idea for the 2018 campaign goes beyond paying homage to women! We want to highlight the need for equity and equality in the coffee sector, from bean to cup, and that can only be achieved by empowering women to the benefit of the whole coffee sector,” the ICO explained.

IWCA Promoting Possibilities_RevisedLogoAs co-founders of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA), we’re delighted by the selection for this year’s theme. We hope NCA members will celebrate International Coffee Day by making a contribution to support to the IWCA’s vital work.

Whether you donate $25 or $2500, your investment in the IWCA supports the organization’s work at the local and global levels to empower women in coffee through leadership, strategic partnerships, and market visibility.

Contributions are needed to support the organization’s operations, as well as provide resources and programming focused on five key interventions:

  • Leadership & Development
  • Community Improvement
  • Coffee Training & Education
  • Capital & Construction
  • Advocacy & Policy Influence

IWCA Mexico hosts First Women in Coffee Forum at the Latin-American Coffee Summit in Puebla, Mexico August 2018

You can make a difference! International Coffee Day 2018 is an ideal opportunity for you to demonstrate your support for #womenincoffee by partnering with the IWCA.

Use this link to make an online contribution or contact Sharon Riechers, IWCA Global Board of Directors Treasurer and Co-Vice President, for additional information: sharon.riechers at bunn.com. (Contributions to the IWCA are tax deductible as the organization is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit.)


Learn more about the IWCA and the ICO International Coffee Day

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