How Can the NCA Serve Your Coffee Business?

By Theresa (Terri) Bartlett, NCA Director of Membership

We’re introducing an easier way to pay for small businesses, coffee shops, and independent roasters — and brewing some big-picture benefits.

If you are a small coffee shop operator (ten units or less) or a micro-roastery (5,000 bags a year or fewer), then you are probably already burning the candle at both ends. 

You’re primarily focused on the “basics” – day-to-day challenges like keeping the doors open and the lights burning – even as you are looking down the road at growth opportunities.

The bottom line? Above all, resources are tight.

This is why we’re rolling out an easier way to access National Coffee Association resources – to better serve you. (We’re also offering a special prorated offer on 2019 dues, so you can pick the plan that’s right for you.)

Because while you’re minding the store, we’re minding the big picture:

We’re spotlighting the latest news on coffee and health, supporting the science, and busting myths about coffee. 

We’re digging into the research about consumer coffee-drinking trends, and breaking them down with insights

We’re stepping back from the CBD and cannabis craze, and laying out the data on attitudes, and an overview of the law.

Information overload? Our weekly, hand-curated Coffee Reporter Weekly newsletter keeps you on top of what’s news. 

Need a food safety plan for your shop?  We’ve got templates that can get you started.

Looking for a mentor, customer, or partner?  If you’re looking to connect, the NCA’s Member Directory contains hundreds of contacts, leaders and senior executives who have been down the same road you are traveling. And our open B2B Directory helps potential clients and partners from across the industry find you faster.

Having trouble finding experts?  Our monthly webinar series is a great way for you or your team to stay ahead of the trends – learning from industry experts we’ve screened.

Want to be heard?  We’re speaking out on industry issues, laws, and regulations that your customers care about – and can make or break your business.

We’re proud to provide the real-life, expert-reviewed resources and toolkits you keep you proactive and prepared (while potentially saving you some serious consultant fees). One recent example is the NCA Cold Brew Toolkit, which we’ve opened to the entire industry to help support the exciting innovation we’re seeing in the category.

Announcing: An Easier Way to Join!

This month, the NCA is launching our automatic monthly payment plan for independent coffee shops and small roasters.

We want to ensure that the benefits of NCA membership are accessible for all companies, especially those who are on a tight budget. As a nonprofit working with an eight-person team, we understand the importance of maximizing your resources. 

Discover Today’s NCA

As the NCA membership director, your business’ bottom line is my top consideration – especially as we work towards developing more resources to meet our members’ changing needs in today’s coffee market.

I invite you to take a look at the range of benefits we offer – with even more coming soon!

Joining the NCA will not only support your business’ potential, but your feedback about the things that you’d like us to development can help us serve you better. Our members are our customers – and we’re here to serve you.

Contact me for more information about this new plan, our current membership offer for 2019  – or any of our exclusive benefits.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you – and learning more about your business, and how we can ‘serve coffee’ by meeting your needs.

Get more information on NCA membership or payment plan eligibility, or contact me directly at

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