Infographic: What’s Brewing in 2019

Highlights from NCA market research on coffee consumption trends in the US

NCA National Coffee Data Trends (NCDT) Consumer Insights at a Glance

via Dig Insights

For yet another brew-tiful year, Dig Insights has partnered with the NCA to create five new consumer insight reports, to supplement the annual NCDT market tracking research:

  • Single-Cup Brewing
  • Coffee and Gen Z
  • In and Out of Home Coffee Consumption
  • Understanding Attitudes Towards Coffee
  • Cold Brew and Ready-to-Drink

Explore some highlighted insights from each of the mini reports below – and NCA members can check out the on-demand webinar, Single Cup & Consumer Insight Reports, featuring Cheryl Hung, Dig Insights VP.

Understanding single-cup usage: In 2019, among Americans aged 18+, 42% claimed to own single cup brewer at home, and 27% have positive purchase intent of single-cup brewer
Coffee consumption among Gen Z: In 2019, among young Gen Z Americans (aged 13-18), 33% drank coffee past-day, 66% drank bottled water, and 30% drank soft drinks
Broad trends affecting at-home and out-of-home coffee consumption: Among past day coffee drinkers, 78% prepared their coffee at home, while 35% indicated that the coffee they drank past day was prepared out of home
Understanding attitudes towards coffee: Among total sample, 70% agreed with the statement “Coffee wakes me up and gets me going”; 66% agreed with the statement “It is important to limit my caffeine intake”; 57% agreed with the statement “Coffee is a trendy thing to drink”
Ready-to-drink coffee & cold brew: Roughly nine-in-ten Americans aged 18+ are aware of ready-to-drink coffee, and one-third are currently drinking it

To learn more about coffee consumption trends in the US, watch the webinar on-demand or get the NCA market research report.

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