NCA Member Spotlight: Brambati

COMPANY: Brambati S.p.a.
LOCATION: Via Strada Nuova, 37 – 27050 – Codevilla (PV) Italy

What does Brambati do?

Brambati is an engineering and producer of complete coffee roasting and processing plants, but we can also supply just some specific components like roaster or grinder based on the request.

We do produce different size plant and roasters. All sizes of our machines are fully automatic, roasting by roasting profile and with the possibility to modify the parameters as temperature of the hot air, speed of the drum, volume of hot air and percentage of recycle during the entire period of the roasting cycle.

The best part of working in coffee is:

That there’s an amazing dynamic, various markets and you enjoy (mostly) everyday.

Why did you join the National Coffee Association?

Brambati plans to become a stable player in North American market, and to join NCA is one of the main steps in this process.

Best advice you’ve ever received:

You don’t own a market but just rent a share, and you should always take care of your customers like the first time.

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