NCA Member Spotlight: Nano-Purification Solutions

Companynano purification solutions
Location: Charlotte, NC
NCA Member Since: 2018
Twitter: @npsi_USA
Facebook: /nanopurificationsystems
Instagram: @nanopurificationsolutionsusa

What does nano-purification solutions do?

Nano is a manufacturer of nitrogen gas generation systems used for coffee packaging, manufacturing, cold brew coffee production and nitro draught service.

Compressed air treatment equipment, process filtration and process chillers are also used in large facilities and we manufacture and market all these products.

What drives your passion for this industry?

Providing solutions to coffee companies that demonstrate ROI and reduce reliability on expensive and resource-consuming alternatives to traditional nitrogen delivery.

What’s your perfect cup of coffee?


Seriously, different coffees are great at different times. Morning cup? Cafe Americano. Afternoon bike ride? Doppio espresso macchiato. Camping? A pour-over or a French press around the fire with friends.

Why did you join the NCA?

Nano is passionate about manufacturing high quality equipment for the production of high-quality coffee. The GEN2 on-site nitrogen generator is second to none in quality and can help small-, mid- and large-sized roasters preserve their product to enhance flavors and shelf life.

What sets your organization apart?

Experience. Customer. Service. It’s not just a tagline, it’s who we are and what we do as an organization.

What’s the next big thing in coffee?

Nitro draught is really only in its infancy.

What does sustainability mean to your organization?

As a global concern, nano is always conscious of recycling, packaging and the impression we leave upon the planet. Bulk packing of product to eliminate waste saves precious resources and cost for our customers and the coffee consumers.

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