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The National Coffee Association of USA was founded in 1911, one of the earliest trade associations formed in the United States and the first trade association for the U.S. coffee industry. Since that time, the NCA has helped American coffee companies through some of the most volatile periods in the nation’s history, including two world wars, a depression, a cold war and numerous frosts, strikes and cartels, not to mention a wide range of consumer trends in the U.S. coffee market.

That success is based on the Association’s ability to respond to external issues, wherever and whenever they arise.

One thought on “About Us

  1. Hello. I hope you are great!!!

    I am writing you to ask comments on the recents studies on coffee plantations on Easter Island that reveal that Chile should be included in the so-called Coffee Belt. Highly qualified Chilean professionals already on the international specialty coffee circuit, just opened a new chapter unexpectedly in the history of coffee from our country. With the agricultural and commercial knowledge of our country they expect to start a revolution in the high end gourmet scene.

    A collaborative process was initiated to convene public institutions of scientific research and high specialization in coffee to begin studies and work on the ground with everything related to Rapa Nui coffee. The Chilean coffee import company Bee Coffee Shop, the Latin American Alliance of Specialty Coffee (Latam SCA) and AgroWine Lab, accelerator of agro-wine businesses.

    Coffee arrives on Easter Island at a date still imprecise between 1800 and 1860. Chile proclaimed sovereignty over Rapa Nui in 1888. If we rely on dates regarding territory we can talk about Chilean coffee from that date onwards. Those who would have brought it should be determined, but most of the coffee shrubs propagated by Polynesia are the responsibility of the Dutch. It’s an exciting story, with stories of pirates and legends. At the level of patrimonial rescue and identity, we can investigate and develop a beautiful story that has never been told, “says Pamela Villablanca, Bee Coffee Shop’s Coffee Hunter.

    Is there somebody that I could send more data to ask some questions?

    Kind regards.,

    Maximiliano Morales
    Fundador Andes Wines


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