Guest Post Guidelines


The First Pull is the official blog of the National Coffee Association USA. We welcome guest blog posts on a range of topics relevant to the coffee industry, both from organizations and individuals.

Our blog is a communal platform where our goal is to educate and inform, not to spark debate or promote individuals, companies or products. We’re especially interested in emerging trends, origin developments, sustainability efforts, and industry-wide issues, and prefer solutions rather than challenges or criticisms.

NCA is a membership-based organization, and strong preference is given to our members over third parties.

Interested? Here’s what you need to know:

Guest Blog Post Contribution Requirements

The NCA reserves the right to refuse to publish any post, or to remove published content at our discretion.

Guest blog posts must meet the NCA’s quality standards. Our editorial team reserves the right to edit and adapt your content as necessary, and update it in the future for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Please note that The First Pull editor is an advocate of the oxford comma.


You may include a short author bio with up to 2 specified hyperlinks (ex: company website, social media account, etc.)

The author is responsible for proper attribution of data, quotations, and other third-party content referenced in the article.

While we prefer lengths that range from 500 to 1,000 words, we’re more interested in what you have to say, and how you are saying it, than a specific word count.

Images should be submitted via email as JPEG or PNG files, with a minimum resolution of 1200 x 628.

To adhere to Google’s quality guidelines, articles that are clearly intended as a link building scheme will be rejected.

Not-So-Fine Print

As the NCA is a trade organization, please do not include references to specific brands in the body of your article.  Also, guest blogging is an opportunity for professionals with connections to the coffee industry to share their personal knowledge, experience and perspective on industry matters. Please do not submit copy that is self-promotional. The First Pull will not publish press releases.

The NCA reserves the right to include calls-to-action and related Association content, including but not limited to email newsletters, related blog posts, webinars and upcoming events.

How to Submit

Please email your original submission to Your post should be in a HTML or in a Word document, with any image files attached separately.

NCA Member Spotlight

Are you a member of the NCA community? We’d like to highlight your organization in a Q&A feature.

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