3 Social Media Goals for Your Coffee Business – and How to Execute Them

By Jenn Chen


As we all know, goals are meaningless without actionable items.

In the new year, I want to…

“I want to be better at social media.”


This statement covers so much ground that it will leave you overwhelmed.

What does being “better” at social media mean to you? I recommend first figuring out the goals you want to reach for social media and then creating the plan to get there. 

Businesses will often want to pick one of the below as a goal for social media:

  • Increase sales of product or services
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase business newsletter signups

Notice that all three of the above goals are worded in a way that make it easy to define metrics.

Let’s take each of these goals and create a simple, actionable plan.  Continue reading