Six Surprising Single-Cup Statistics


The single-serve phenomenon has changed the way Americans drink – and think about – their coffee.

And while recent headlines suggest that the single-serve format is beginning to fall out of favor with consumers, the numbers show a different story. The implications will impact the entire coffee industry – from new practices at origin to R&D to retail.

The NCA’s Single Serve market research report has tracked this trend since 2011. Here are six facts we found especially interesting from the latest data:

  1. Single-cup brewers have been the 2nd most common coffee preparation method since 2012, after traditional drip brewers.
  1. 18% of coffee drinkers say that using a single-cup brewer is the only way they know how to make coffee.
  1. In 2016, 28% of daily consumers reported drinking single-cup coffee the day before [Ed. Note on research: This timeframe is established to provide an indication of behavioral frequency.]
  1. Hot coffee is the number one most popular beverage to prepare with a single-cup brewer.
  1. Between 20% and 30% of single-cup brewer owners claim they do not know if they can make premium coffee beverages.
  1. On average, single-cup owners consume 1.6 cups of coffee made with their brewer daily, which is actually lower than the recommended 3-5 servings associated with coffee’s potential health benefits.

The NCA Single-Serve 2016 is available now, featuring new analysis, graphics, and a spiffy new digital dashboard for custom reports.

To learn more about the future of single serve, join us for a free NCA webinar “Single Cup Brewing 2016” on August 18, 2016.


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