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Vinh Hiep Company Limited / L’amant International Corporation

“We became a member because the NCA is an advocate for the entire coffee industry, an educator who leads the industry in market intelligence and a conduit for networking with industry peers.” Read more >>

Nano-Purification Solutions

“Experience. Customer. Service. It’s not just a tagline, it’s who we are and what we do as an organization.” Read more >>


“[The best part of working in coffee is that] there’s an amazing dynamic, various markets and you enjoy (mostly) everyday.” Read more >>

JNP Coffee

“We believe that coffee can create a future of hope for the people of Burundi, especially the women and youth, who need to have dreams and successes of their own.” Read more >>

Swiss Water Decaf

“A strong argument can be made the decaf drinkers are the truest fans of coffee.”  Read more >>

The Coffee Brewmasters

“[The next big thing in coffee is] delivering higher quality products to the mass market.”  Read more >>

Crowe Horwath, LLP

“The people in the coffee industry share a deep tradition and passion for coffee.”  Read more >>

Magnum Coffee

“So many people take coffee for granted and have no idea how many people’s lives are affected by their purchase.”  Read more >>

Bühler Group

“Coffee is part of an ongoing evolution that brings challenges, unleashing new ideas.”  Read more >>

Reily Foods

“[The NCA is the] best way to reconnect with people you spend any given day emailing or talking with on the phone.”  Read more >>

Coffee Analysts

“Coffee is a global product that is local in every stage of the farm-to-cup process.”  Read more >>

Brauner International

“We believe in building and maintaining strong bonds within the coffee community.”  Read more >>


“People want their coffee quick and simple, so quality and sweeteners often take a back seat.”  Read more >>

Lorenz Conveying Products

“Focus your energy on something you feel passionate about.”  Read more >>

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14 thoughts on “Meet Our Members

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  2. Is there a non-toxic way to rid the coffee plant with Rust Disease? If so, what and how cost effective is it? Who are the companies that provide such a fungicide?


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  6. my name is Charles Kitamirike and I am a Ugandan. Uganda especially the High Lind regions of South Western Uganda and Eastern Uganda, is where you find small holder coffee farmers who grow coffee on the rolling hills and slopes of the volcanic mountains. Because of the natural rich minerals like phosphates in the soils, it makes coffee from this region have the best aroma when roasted.

    But the farmers are exploited by middle men who buy their coffee at a very low price and sell this premium coffee to final consumers and take all the profits.

    I am writing to inform you that we have formed cooperatives of coffee farmers, with processing plants and with the capacity of selling 100s of tons to committed and serious buyers in the world.

    We would like to partner with you and we develop a Memorandum of understanding with you so that we can coffee farmers and cooperatives in Uganda can be supported to have the best machines which can produce premium coffee to your standards and then, you guarantee us with the market.
    With this partnership, we can even increase the mobilization and formation of more cooperatives and also increase on the coffee production through improved agronomy.


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