Look at These Adorable Coffee Monsters

Created by former copywriter Stefan Kuhnigk, these charming monsters show the whimsical side of coffee stains.

Here are a few of our favorites (it was hard to choose) – and their stories.

To discover more of these delightful creatures, visit his website or follow @thecoffeemonsters on Instagram.



For monster Jim there was only one thing going to be the peak of the week. The search for some cattle and eating it as a small snack.”



Here is a piggy monster, ready to fetch a to be thrown ball. Go, piggie. Go!



“This monster is so sweet, it would just eat you right away. And it really could because it’s [redacted] 30ft high and its preferred munchie are ‘humans.'”



It tried to get up early but was late anyways. Argh!” [Ed. note: Story of my life, friend.]



A little four-eyed coffeemonster playing with it’s small dog-monster. I bet it’s got an eye on everything.”


Monster spotting by Kyra Auffermann, NCA, Digital Content Manager

h/t Bored Panda



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