Coffee-To-Go By Country [Infographic]


Coffee on-the-go is on the rise. In the U.S. alone, it accounts for 45% of total coffee consumption (second only to Japan, a nation once dominated by tea).

Younger coffee drinkers with increasingly mobile lifestyles are are fueling this trend: About one-third of daily coffee drinkers from 13-24 years old get their java exclusively out-of-home, according to the NCA Generational Report 2017.

However, the popularity of coffee-to-go can vary wildly by country. As the specialty coffee movement gains international momentum, more countries are drinking coffee away from home.

But the practice isn’t popular everywhere — yet.

New research from NPD and CREST shows how widely the the phenomenon varies by country:

Coffee to go consumption by country infographic

According to Forbes, “[Coffee to-go’s] popularity soars highest in countries where the lifestyle is more hectic and it tends to struggle in countries with a laid-back atmosphere, like Italy and Spain.”

Going forward, it will be interesting to see whether these consumption habits change due to exposure to third-wave coffee culture and the increasing presence of international chains in local markets.


H/T: The Countries That Love Grabbing Coffee-To-Go [Infographic], Forbes


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