By the Numbers: US Coffee Consumption

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In honor of National Coffee Day 2018 on September 29, the NCA is taking 25% off all of the NCA 2018 Coffee Snapshot Reports.

Drawing on over 60 years of industry research, a new series of NCA Market Snapshots take a closer look at the factors shaping the US coffee market in 2018 – and beyond.

Here are 10 stats from the latest NCA research on coffee industry trends:

1. US coffee drinkers consume about 3 cups a day on average (research suggests that potential health benefits peak between 3-5).

2. In 2018, total past day tea penetration was at 48% (compared to 63% for coffee)

3. 51% of past day coffee drinkers only drank gourmet coffee.

4. In 2018, 36% consumed a coffee that was prepared out-of-home…

5. … while 79% consumed a coffee prepared at home.

6, 45% of past-day coffee drinkers drank coffee prepared with a drip machine, which remains the most common method for brewing coffee (despite a steady decline).

7. 85% of Americans say they are very/somewhat satisfied with the brewing options in their workplace coffee area.

8. One-fifth of consumers say they are much more likely to buy coffee that is ‘grown on farms that treat workers well’ and ‘grown in an environmentally sustainable way.’

9. 62% of Americans agree that it is important to limit their caffeine intake.

10. 69% of Americans report that they have not heard of any studies related to coffee consumption and disease prevention.


Learn more about the NCA Coffee Market Snapshot Reports.



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