Infographic: 2018 Specialty Coffee Consumption Stats


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via Square

The data geeks over at Square and the SCA recently released some interesting statistics about how and when Americans are getting their caffeine fix.

From the iced coffee vs. cold-brew debate to the new alt milk, here’s a breakdown of what Americans are ordering at their local coffee shops each day:


via Square

Lattes take the caffeinated cake

The latte is the most popular coffee order in the U.S. This past year, Americans drank more than 67 million lattes. And a standard latte doesn’t cut it anymore — the average American requests two add-ons to their customized coffee order.

Alternative milks growth accelerates

Almond milk is the most popular alternative milk in every state, except for Pennsylvania, where oat milk takes the cake.

Though new to the coffee scene as of 2016, oat milk sales have increased 425 percent since June 2017, projecting that oat milk may soon surpass almond as the fan-favorite.

International (coffee) love

Flat whites, an Australian coffee classic, are new to the U.S. coffee scene, but gaining traction fast. Flat white sales have increased 41 percent in the past year.

Cold brew chills iced coffee sales

There’s a heated debate in the coffee community over iced coffee vs. cold brew, but it’s clear that cold brew is on trend and continues to grow.

In 2016, Americans drank 19 percent more iced coffee than cold brew. But by the summer of 2017, cold-brew orders outpaced iced coffee by 28 percent. Today, cold brew continues to reign supreme among cold-coffee connoisseurs: cold-brew orders surpass iced-coffee orders by 42 percent.

Read the original post at Square, plus conversations with coffee sellers across the world  about the business of bean roasting, caffeination, and their preferred way to enjoy a cup of joe.


Take a closer look at the NCA National Coffee Drinking Trends Report:


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