NCA Member Spotlight: ePac Flexibles

Company: ePac Flexibles
Location: Austin, Texas
NCA Member Since: December 2022

What does ePac Flexibles do?

We provide coffee bag packaging for specialty coffee roasters. This includes stand-up pouches and quad packs. In 2023, we will launch our new flat-bottom product following an increase in demand from our customers.

What drives your passion for this industry?

We love coffee at ePac and we will continue to invest in the category and bring new and innovative sustainable packaging options to our customers.

What’s your perfect cup of coffee?

I prefer a semi-automatic machine with a separate grinder. My favorite piece of coffee equipment is the Marzocco.

What sets your organization apart?

We have the largest and fastest digital print network in North America. We offer low SKU runs, and 10 to 15-day deliveries. This is very useful for brand owners that need greater flexibility and agility for their single or blended products and also provides a platform for our customers to generate additional revenue streams through private labels. To summarize, we improve our customers’ cash flows and help reduce waste through our capability to offer low minimum order quantities with unlimited SKU’s.

What does sustainability mean to your organization?

It means a lot to us. We recently joined Project Waterfall which supports global coffee growers with access to clean water. We use digital print technology which means we use less energy. Also, our production processes are automated which means less paper and we recycle our ink canisters to support the circular economy.

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