Three “Signal” Leadership Behaviors

By Laura Freebairn-Smith, MBA, PhD


One primary reason that organizations thrive is the leader’s mental model and approach to leading.

Inspire your staff and drive positive perceptions of your organization’s health with the following tips:

1. Stay relentlessly visible. Get out and walk around, communicate, communicate, communicate. See and be seen.

2. Never throw anyone under the bus. If you do this in front of staff, they will assume you’re doing the same to them when they’re gone.

3. Share information all the time … over and over again. Tell people as much as you can about the organization, its finances, its strategy, its values, and more. Then do it again.

Back by popular demand,  Laura Freebairn-Smith, principal, Organizational Performance Group,  will speak at the NCA 2016 Coffee Summit, Oct. 26-28, Miami, FL. 


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