Why I Attend Convention: John DeMuria, Volcafe

John “JD” DeMuria, Volcafe, on why the NCA Annual Convention is the “one gathering on the coffee industry that really matters.”

[Video transcript below]

“My opinion? It’s the place to be in March. The programming is second to none. There’s opportunity to see new people in the industry, and develop more of a business relationship with them.

…Each year, more and more people come to [Convention]. More and more, I hear that this is the place to be. This is the one gathering in the coffee industry that really matters.”

John DeMuria, Managing Partner, Volcafe USA, and Chair, NCA Board of Directors

Where the Coffee Community Connects

The NCA Annual Convention 2018 will be held in New Orleans, March 15-17.

Learn more about why you should attend #NCA18, or see more video testimonials.


Video: NCA Convention 2018 – John DeMuria Testimonial from National Coffee Association USA on Vimeo.

Photo: Joseph Rodriguez, Professional Images Photography

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